Dychów hydropower plant has ASTKZ system implemented in 1998 and serviced by BUDOKOP Ltd. Also in year 2011 the system was modernised.

The Dychów hydropower plants [PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.]

The Dychów power plant is a pumped storage power plant. The largest structure within the complex is a 20.4 km long derivation canal providing water to the retention reservoir.

BUDOKOP Ltd. Installed the ASTKZ system in 1998. In 2011 it was modernised and expanded. The system consists of:

  • water pressure sensors in the standpipe piezometers,
  • 3-axes crack meters and dumpy levels on the structure of the sluice,
  • termosensors, drain flow meters and a weather station.

BUDOKOP also projected the monitoring of the derivation canal.
GLOETZL sensors are currently used for the monitoring of the slope of the Dychów power plant during the upgrading works.