The ISMOP Czernichów project has first of its kind monitoring system implemented by BUDOKOP Ltd. System uses IT data and allows to view it throuh SCADA.

The ISMOP Czernichów Project (IT Flood Monitoring System) was aimed at developing a flood monitoring system. Condition of groundwater flood embankments was monitored, both in continuous mode and with the possibility of simulating structural changes. The system was also able to assess the risk of potential damage.

The ceremonial opening of the experimental embankment took place on September 30, 2015.

As part of the project, Budokop installed an automatic measuring system. Futhermore the ISMOP Czernichów Project consisted of both water and soil pore pressure sensors, inclinometers, METEO station, as well as an innovative fiber optic monitoring system. The aforementioned monitoring system was used to measure water filtration through the body of the earth structure. We have implemented in the system an optical fiber sensor cable integrated with a heating cable to the so-called active measurement method. The length of the sensor cable was 1200 m and enabled temperature measurement every one meter with an accuracy of 0.1 oC. All measurement data flowed automatically into the SCADA system enabling ongoing analysis of measurements. The measuring system implemented by Budokop enabled the export of data used for further analyzes, e.g. in other specialized software.

The automatic fiber optic monitoring system installed on site, with an active measurement method, was the first installation of this type in Poland