BUDOKOP installed sensors in the foundations of the power plant as well under the ferroconcrete structure of the weir at the Malczyce Barrage.

[RZGW Wrocław]
This is another element of the existing cascade of the Odra Waterway. The main purpose of its construction is to stop erosion in the Odra riverbed below the water level in Brzeg Dolny, and thus to protect it from undermining and loss of stability.

The effect of erosion is also a lowering of the water table in the river by about 2.5 m, a significant reduction in the level of groundwater and desiccation of areas adjacent to the river.

The construction of SW Malczyce will restore the original groundwater levels and shipping route parameters. It will also enable the production of renewable energy. The basic object damming both water and regulating the flow through the step is a flap weir with a hydraulic drive and fish pass. To support the flap weir when passing the river highs, a 300m long weir was designed with an overflow of about 260m, a fish pass for surface animals and a steel bridge on the crown. The next object of the step, which is to enable navigation on the Odra River, is a shipping lock with avant-gardes and closures in the form of valves with hydraulic drive. The usable length of the lock is 190 m and width is 12 m. The 11.4 MW water power plant will use natural river flows of 40 to 240 m3 / s.

Annual average production will be 49,800 MWh. In April 2017, the parliamentary committee on public finance was in favor of destiny PLN 85 million to complete the construction of the Malczyce barrage. What’s more, this construction has been going on for 20 years (source: www.inżynieria.com)

The BUDOKOP Sp. z o.o. installed measuring sensors both in the power plant foundation and under the reinforced concrete structure of the weir. The measuring system consists of a total of 38 pore water pressure sensors.-