Bełchatów coal mine is the largest coal pit mine in Poland. BUDOKOP Ltd, had installed AWID devices and inplemented deep inclinometers in the facility.

KWB Bełchatów PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A.]

KWB Bełchatów – Bełchatów Coal Mine is the largest open pit mine in Poland.

In 2005 BUDOKOP Ltd installed an AWID stress measuring device in the area of the mine.  It is the only device of this type in Poland. The device consists of 6 pressure pads measuring the primary stress in the formation.

Moreover, since 2000 BUDOKOP has also been installing deep inclinometers, as well as the inclinometer measurements of slope resistance of the pit. Over 3000 meters of the inclinometers have been installed so far in the area of Bełchatów field and over 2000 meters in the area of Szczerców field.