BUDOKOP Ltd. offers structural monitoring of the phenomena happening in the structure and the foundation. The monitoring can be conducted for the already existing structures as well as those under construction.

The solutions include:

  • technical design and instrument installation,
  • conducting measurements and analysis,
  • instruments maintenance,

Measuring systems currently on offer are automatic and data is accessible on clients’ servers or on the servers of BUDOKOP.

Measurements performed by BUDOKOP mostly include:

  • Inclinometric measurements – vertical and lateral displacements in building structures especially providing support for walls in deep excavations (diaphragm walls and piles).The inclinometric measurements are also conducted in the surrounding ground and the foundation of the structures.
  • Relative displacements of the structure elements.
  • Anchor load measurements for the anchored diaphragm walls.
  • Strain measurements in structure elements of the building structures.
  • Pore pressure measurements in the ground, under the foundation base and in the surroundings of the structure.
  • Flow rate measurements.
  • Tilt and subsidence measurements of the structure and the area.