PSH Zydowo

In 2019, we carried out the construction and executive design of the Automatic Technical Dam Control System for the pumped storage hydro electricity plant in Żydowo.

In addition, in January 2020 we completed the first stage of installation works and launched the system. As part of the work, the following sensors were installed:

  • Hydrostatic probes for measuring the water level in open piezometers,
  • Capacitive probes with Thompson orifices for measuring the water expenditure from collective drainages,
  • two- and three-axis feeler gauges for measuring the opening of expansion joints,
  • concrete, water and air temperature sensors, MEMS inclinometers for measuring the inclination of pipe supports,
  • METEO station

Modern redundant servers with a user-friendly SCADA system supervise the security of the facility.