Solina Dam is the highest hydrological structure in Poland in which BUDOKOP Ltd. has implemented ASTKZ that BUDOKOP services to this day.

[PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.  – ZEW division Solina – Myczkowce]

The Solina dam is the largest hydrological structure in Poland, 664 meters long, divided into 43 sections, 82 meters high. The cross section of the dam is triangular – like. Inside the dam on 4 levels there are communication and control galleries  2073 meters long altogether. The Solina hydro power plant (put into operation in 1968), a pumped storage power plant generating 200 MW and 230 GWh of electricity per year.

The Automatic System of Technical Dam Control (ASTKZ) Solina – Myczkowce was installed in 2006 by  BUDOKOP Ltd. The Solina dam required a complex measurement system. The system is based on 3-axes crack meters, tilt meters and a dumpy level. This set of sensors monitors the resistance of the dam segments in various stages of operation. Sensors measuring the water pressure (pneumatic piezometrs), drain flow meters, water level measured in standpipe piezometrs and at the V- seal monitor the operation of the dam. Another set of sensors was installed to monitor the background. They are water level sensors as well as air, water and concrete thermometers with a weather station. Another set of sensors monitors the foundations of the generators and retaining walls  at the  lower water level. All the sensors were produced by GLOETZL, what guarantees the coherence of the system and its efficacy. Some of the instrumets were adapted by the producer for the conditions of the structure. It does not only mean the adaptation of the existing instruments but also designing new measuring devices, eg. the crack meters measuring the size of the cracks of the concrete structures underwater.

Due to the size of the investment in the Solina-Myczkowice complex the works were performed in the cooperation with ENERGOEFEKT Ltd. The system is serviced by BUDOKOP.