Różnów hydropower plant belongs to Cracow Complex of Hydropowerplants along with Czchów facility. BUDOKOP Ltd. has implemented ASTKZ in both.

Rożnów hydropower plant – the complex of hydropower plants of Cracow [TAURON Ekoenergia]

Cracow hydropower plant complex consists among all of the Rożnów hydropower plant and Czchów hydropower plant.
In 1942 the impoundment of the Dunajec river created the Rożnowskie Lake. The dam is 550 meters long and 49 meters high (32,5 meters from the ground level). The waterflow was used to start a hydropower plant built inside the dam.

In the years 2009 – 2010 BUDOKOP Ltd installed The Automatic System of Technical Dam Control (ASTKZ) for the Rożnów and Czchów power plants. The Rożnów dam, one of the largest dams in Poland  required a complex control and measurements system:

  • water pressure sensors in standpipe and pressure piezometers,
  • sets of 3-axes crack meters,
  • VW and electronic tilt meters,
  • drainflow measuring instruments,
  • lower and upper water level sensors,
  • water and concrete therrmometers,
  • a weather station.

The sensors measuring tilt of the concrete structure were specially designed by GLOETZL to fit the conditions at the Rożnów dam- first time in Poland the reversed balance was applied. Due to the size of the investment in the Rożnów – Czchów complex the works related to the acquisition and processing of the measurement signals were performed in the cooperation with EFEKT-AUTOMATYKA. The system is serviced by BUDOKOP.