Wióry dam [RZGW Warszawa]

System of reservoirs Brody Iłżeckie – Wióry. It is an earth dam with a core and a control gallery, drainage as well as  concrete screen under the gallery and at the abutments. The dam is 26 meters high and 252 meters long.

The Automatic System of Technical Dam Control (ASTKZ) was installed by BUDOKOP Ltd in 2006.
With the installed instruments the following measurements are performed at the dam:

  • water level in  the standpipe and pneumatic  piezometers as well as VW piezometers,
  • water level in lower and upper reservoir,
  • displacement of the ferroconcrete and concrete elements of the structure,
  • tilt of the elements of the structure,
  • drainflow in the control gallery and drainwater collection well,
  • temperature inside and outside.

All the measurement system is protected againts overvoltage and fire.