Lubachów dam belongs to Wałbrzych Complex of Hydropower Plants. Built in 1917 at the Bystrzyca river and enriched with BUDOKOP's Ltd. ASTKZ in 2012.

Lubachów dam [TAURON Ekoenergia]

The power plant is the part of the Wałbrzych Hydropower Plant Complex . The dam was built in 1917 at the Bystrzyca River. The dam is 44 meters high and 230 meters long. It was constructed from the stones produced in neighbouring querries. The dam has 10 permanent spillways, 4 relief  outlets and 2 bottom outlets.

In 2012 BUDOKOP Ltd designed and and installed the Automatic System of Technical Dam Control (ASTKZ) at the dam, consisting of:

  • 12 standpipe piezometers and 3 pneupatic piezometers,
  • 2 systems of dumpy levels,
  • 2 digital tilt meters,
  • 2 measurment pools of drainflow,
  • 2 measurements pools on the tributaries of the reservoir,
  • a weather station.

An innovative way to measure the termal movements of the dam and the lateral stress in its body was applied in the system.
The system is serviced by BUDOKOP.