For control and measurement and monitoring systems Budokop Ltd. uses the top quality products of GLOETZL. It is the world leader of sensors for geotechnics, hydrotechnics and tunnelling.

GLOETZL sensors are famous for their reliability ensuring long-term operation and reliable measurements. As the only sensors they have proven their value operating in the cores of dams built after 1990 (Wióry dam, Świnna Poręba dam).

The product catalogue is available at Gloetzl website. Apart from an extensive range of measurement devices in the catalogue, it is possible to order any sensor adapted to local conditions and the place of installation. Customisation applies both to the measurement range as well as the construction of a sensor – its cover or mounting.

Our projects also use high quality measurement equipment as well as innovative measurement and automation systems provided by Endress+Hauser.

With the AKP installation we strongly advise the installation of automatc weather stations provided by LAMBRECHT.

Since 2015 Budokop Ltd has been working with a Canadian geotechnical company MEASURANDMEASURAND measuring system known as SAA (ShapeAccelArray) is a modern array of sensors with the length adaptable to the depth of the test borehole. Separate elements, 50 cm each register single horizontal displacements. The measurement is fully automatic and its frequency is adjustable to the requirements of the monitored structure.

During the design process of the control and measuring systems and their implementation we take into account the requirements and the financial limitations of our clients. The choice of the sensors is defined by the conditions of each structure. It is possible to develop our systems in stages.
Budokop Ltd designs installs and services control and measuring systems.
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