BUDOKOP Ltd. designs and installs measuring systems – ASTKZThe Automatic System of Technical Dam Control by registering specific physical parameters evaluates the current safety of the structure as well as predicts its future state and detects in advance any potential threats leading to the damage or destruction of the structure.

Many measuring points allows for the observation of the pattern of the registered parameters over a vast area. The data can be presented in a visual, user’s friendly and clear form. The currently applied systems measure the following parameters:

  • pore – water temperature and pressure
  • drain water flowrate
  • relative displacements of the elements of the structure
  • tilt of the structure
  • building subsidence
  • massive strain and pressure at the massive – body structure contact,
  • massive deformations
  • temperatures of the elements of the structure
  • current weather conditions (pressure, temperature, precipitation, humidity).

All the results of the measurements by the ASTKZ system are saved in the database directly at the structure or on the BUDOKOP server. A user’s friendly visualizing program enables fast access to the current and archived measurement results, and offers the possibility to compare the data from any date as well as to set warnings and alarms for the sensor indications.

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